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Since the first double-decker introduced in 1949, Daimler was the only manufacturer chosen by Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") to supply the double-deckers for the company. In the 1960s, in order to cope with the rapid growth of bus service demand, KMB requested Daimler to produce a model of double-deckers with 34 feet long. Daimler refused to do so and this time KMB approached to another bus manufacturer, the Associated Equipment Company Limited ("AEC"). AEC then modified the design of the Regal chassis for single-deckers, and became the new Regent V double-deck model.

During 1962-66, there were totally 210 Regent V double-deckers introduced. First 30 were fitted with British Aluminium Company ("BACo") bodies and the rest were bodied by Metal Sections.

Among the Regent Vs withdrawn from service, at least 3 are still alive. They are: A165 (AD 7156) preserved by a bus museum in England, A19 (AD 4807) preserved by KMB, and A68 (AD 4860) in Australia.

A19 was an exhibit in the event of "Bus Wonderland for Charity" in 1993. (Click to enlarge.) (1993/04/10)

A19 participating in the "Bus Captain of the Year". (1997/12/07)

The lower deck rear view. (1998/01/10)

The upper deck view: Have you ever ridden on a bus
with these green fibre-glass seats? (1998/01/10)

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