MTR East Rail Line Trains

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  • Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation awarded a contract in March 1999 to Itochu-Kinki-Kawasaki Consortium to design and manufacture 250 cars of electric multiple units. Among them, 154 cars went to West Rail Line and the remain 96 cars went to East Rail Line. The new cars have been put into service in 2001.

  • The driving cab. Computerized Train Management system is installed to perform train control functions and monitor the train status.

  • The first class compartment. In cab CCTV system is provided for drivers to view the conditions inside every compartment.

  • The headroom is increased that LCD boards can be installed to provide train operation information and real-time news.

  • The new train cars are equiped with body side skirts along the lower part of each side to reduce the noise of operatin trains.

New trains at service.

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