Hong Kong's First Double-deckers -
Daimler CVG5 DD (Daimler A)

First double-deckers in Hong Kong were introduced by Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") in 1949. Four Daimler CVG5 DDs, registered as 4958-4961, entered service on Route 1 (Kowloon City - Star Ferry) on 17 April. Totally there were 365 Daimler CVG5 DDs acquired by KMB during 1949-1961.

Daimler CVG5 DDs in the KMB fleet were classified into 2 classes by their length. KMB allocated Class-A for the first 215 buses with 26-foot long, and the rest 110 buses were allocated Class-B, with 1 foot longer than those of Class A.

Now there are only a few Daimler CVG5 DDs of KMB survive for preservation. 4961 (Chassis No. 16309), from the initial batch of 4, became a training bus after being withdrawn from passenger service, and was finally restored by KMB to as near original condition as possible. 4212 (Chassis No. 18590) was previously preserved by Speedbus, and is now owned by KMB. Another vehicle, 4964 (Chassis No. 16312), owned by a local bus fans' organization, was seriously damaged in a fire incident.

The "Traditional" Grille.

Above: 4961 at Sha Tin Depot in the event of "Public Transport Cares for You". The bus at the back is HK 104, the CMB preserved Tilling Stevens Express K5LA7. (1997/07/06)


4961 was shown in the "Bus Caption of the Year 1997" on the roof of the Shatin Depot. The first Daimler CVG5 DDs ordered by KMB featured the "British" open rear platform. (1997/12/07)

Above and below: 4961 and Neoplan Centroliner AP20 met each other this day at KCR Hung Hom Station for a public activity organized by KMB. (1999/11/20)

4961 was shown in another exhibition
at Whampoa Garden. (2002/03/10)

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