Daimler CVG6LX-34 (Daimler E)

Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") introduced 220 Daimler CVG6LX-34 buses (D331-550 - numbered from 1973-74) during 1967-72. The first 20 buses were classified by KMB as Class D and the rest 200 as Class E. The main differences between the two classes were the locations of the exits. The last Damiler E buses were withdrawn from passenger services in 1992 and ended the "half-cab" era of KMB.

There are currently six Daimler E buses preserved by KMB. Five of them were converted to open-top buses, the remaining one, AD 4330 (ex - D430) was converted for carrying the miniature buses in the name of "Dr. Bus".

Photographs of the open-top Daimler E buses, except AD 7442 (ex - D536), are available. Besides, there are more photographs of 2 Daimler E buses at Changchun of China. Please click on the photographs below for the enlarged version.

D372 (AD 7278)
  • Route: 2F
  • Date: 1985/02/21

AD 7315 (ex - D409)
  • Body Livery: Chibi Maruko-chan
  • Date: 1997/12/07
  • Body Livery: Christmas (KMB)
  • Date: 1998/12/25

AD 7452 (ex - D546)
  • Body Livery: The Smurfs
  • Date: 2000/11/25

AD 7455 (ex - D549)
  • Body Livery: Celebration of Reunification of Hong Kong with China
  • Date: 1997/06/07

AD 7456 (ex - D550)
  • Body Livery: Keroppi
  • Date: 1997/06/07

Two Daimler E buses are seen parked outside a restaurant in Changchun of China. It is believed that the buses were sold to Changchun for public bus services after being withdrawn from KMB, and became barbeque restaurants subsequent to the retirement from the Changchun bus services. By observing their interiors, they should have been abandoned for a period of time. (2004/02/29)

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