KMB - Daimler / Leyland Fleetline
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Above: D1058 (BW 3027) is seen having a rest at the former Tai Kok Tsui Ferry Bus Terminus while serving Route 87. (1992/04/28)

Above: D1022 (BU 9542) was one of the last Fleetlines that served until 1995. (1995/05/28)


D815 (BK 3183) was the first BACo bodied Fleetline. The bus was restored by Speedybus and re-painted with the original livery. (1998/02/08)

Above: The lower deck interior of D815. (1998/02/08)


The upper deck interior of D815. Note the height of the lower edge of the side windows made passengers quite difficult to view outside from the upper saloon. The windows were lowered by six inches in the batch of D1091-1115. (1998/02/08)

Above: "Guangdong-B 03725" was another ex-KMB Fleetline serving Route 223 in Shenzhen, the Mainland of China. (1997/02/07)

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