KMB - Nathan Road Shuttle

Leyland 12-metre Olympian 3BL107 (DH 8275) on Route 6 - The south bound lanes of Nathan Road in the photo were temporary closed for a drainage work. (1999/06/12)

Dennis 11-metre Dragon S3N194 (DX 2824): Due to the drainage work mentioned above, the Lai Chi Kok bound of Route 6A was diverted to Portland Street. (1999/06/12)

Dennis 12-metre Dragon 3AD164 (HS 9874) on Route 9 - The original white colour of the body of the air-conditioned bus was retained. (1999/05/15)

This Daimler CVG6LX-34 (Daimler E) AD 7455 (ex-D549) was also painted with the Nathan Road Shuttle livery for promotion purpose. The bus was converted into an open-top vehicle after being withdrawn from service. (2000/11/05)


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