New Buses in Tuen Mun Depot

For many years, Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) assembled most of its new buses in the Tuen Mun Bus Body Construction Depot (BBCD). The buses were not directly assembled by KMB, but through a company called Goodview Engineering Limited on behalf of it. The Depot, normally referred to as Depot 80, is situated in Tuen Mun Town Lot 80, or No. 1 Kin Fung Circuit.

This page contains photographs on buses taken in BBCD from 1990 til now. Photographs are sorted by date in decending order. More photographs will be added in future. Please click on the photographs for the enlarged version.

  • Following the launch of services of the UK-built TransBus Enviro500s in March 2003, KMB started assembling this kind of buses in BBCD. (2003/05/15)
  • Date: 2003/05/15

  • This is a 10.6-metre Volvo Super Olympian arrived in Hong Kong in 2002. The Alexander ALX500 body was built by Alexander in UK. The VIN of the bus (YV3S1E114XC050002) gives us a hint that this may be a prototype of the model.
  • Date: 2002/07/20

  • A Volvo Super Olympian (Left) and a Dennis Trident (Right), both having modified Alexander ALX500 10.6-metre bodies. The difference of dash panel cover designs gives us a hint to distinguish among them.
  • Date: 2001/05/12

  • These 2 Dennis Tridents belong to the last of the ATR189-298 batch, with full set of manufacturers' badges.
  • Date: 2000/09/16

  • This is the first Neoplan Centroliner from the second batch of 60. There are some modifications from the first batch of 20, such as the windscreens with rounded corners. All Neoplan buses were "completely-built-up" by Neoplan in Germany. The bus was sent to BBCD for minor subsequent work.
  • Date: 2000/05/16

  • This 12-metre Dennis Trident came from the batch of ATR189-298. In this batch of Tridents, Hanover electronic route display is installed. Note the display showing Route 300 to Sheung Wan, a route that had been cancelled in 1999.
  • Date: 2000/05/11

  • These two buses are 9.9-metre Dennis Dragons. They came from the second batch of ADS buses (ADS31-145). These buses were equipped with modified Nippondenso air-conditioners. They are also the last ADS buses having 3+2 seating configuration.
  • Date: 1996/05/14

  • A 12-metre Citybus Leyland Olympian waiting to be painted outside Depot 80. In 1993 Citybus was granted with 26 routes which were originally operated by China Motor Bus, and ordered nearly 90 new buses (together with some other second-hand buses) for these routes. Since the new buses had to be ready in short period of time, some of the buses were assembled in Alexander's plant and some were assembled by Goodview in BBCD. This is the only time that Citybus buses were assembled in KMB depot. Altogether 33 10.3-metre and 22 12-metre Leyland Olympians of Citybus were assembled in BBCD.
  • Date: 1993/06/12

  • A Dennis Dart with Duple Metsec body. The bus came from the first batch of 20 (AA3-22) . Some of these 20 Darts were designed to serve Airport routes, the one shown on the photo is an example. However, the bus was not painted with the "Airbus" livery yet.
  • Date: 1993/04/27

  • An 11-metre Dennis Dragon from the batch of S3N222-270. This Dragon is one of the last few buses receiving a registration in the batch.
  • Date: 1991/06/03

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