KMB - Training Bus

Daimler CVG5 (Daimler B) HK 4493 (D252) in Sha Tin. (February 1985)

When the photograph was taken, this Daimler Fleetline BH 4589 (D716) was owned by Speedybus. (1998/02/08)

Leyland Victory-2 CE 6080 (G150) arriving Jordan Road Ferry bus terminus. (1997/03/05)

Another Leyland Victory-2 CX 4086 (G506). When the photograph was taken, the bus was newly joint the training bus fleet and the simplified livery for traning buses was applied. (1997/12/30)

CR 4170 (N295) is a Dennis Jubilant with a Duple Metsec body. (1999/02/27)

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