KMB Lai Chi Kok Depots

The old Lai Chi Kok Depot of Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) in Po Lun Street, which was built in 1965, was a three-storey building with a total area of about 35,900 square metres.

The old depot was replaced by the new KMB Lai Chi Kok Environmentally-friendly Bus Depot. The new depot is located at No. 100, Hing Wah Street West in West Kowloon, which has a site area of 23,300 square metres. The new depot is built to provide maintenance for some 1,000 buses in the West Kowloon and South-West New Territories regions. It supports the operations of over 110 bus routes covering these regions, as well as a large number of cross harbour tunnel routes.


Dennis Dragon 3N91 (DD 9715) arriving in the old depot. (2002/02/14)

Next to the old depot, Yuet Lun Street Depot, equipped with six flow lines for daily servicing, served as a satellite depot to refuel and wash the buses, before they park in the old Lai Chi Kok Depot. (2002/02/14)

The old depot together with the KMB Headquarters. (2002/02/14)

The new Lai Chi Kok Depot was opened on 11 May, 2002. (2002/07/13)

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