CMB Dennis Jubilant

Responding to the introduction of front-engined Victory-2 by Leyland, Dennis produced a new model, "Jubilant", with similar mechanic specification, for the Hong Kong market. However, it appeared that Jubilant was not as preferable as Victory-2 for China Motor Bus ("CMB"). The company purchased only 30 Jubilants, but there were 167 Victory-2s ordered. First Jubilant purchased by CMB was DS1, which was registered as CD 2198 on 8 February 1980, and all 30 vehicles were delivered and started their service within 3 months.

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DS6 (CD 3693) at Sau Kei Wan bus terminus. Note the difference of the front of this bus with the rest of Jubilants. (1998/07/21)

The last Jubilant purchased by CMB is DS30 (CE 9439). The bus is seen serving Rt.2, a route that traditionally served by Fleetlines. (1998/07/30)

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